NIYATI bangles - Rosegold x Lemonade
NIYATI bangles - Rosegold x Lemonade


NIYATI bangles - Rosegold x Lemonade

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e l e g a n c e & the shine of AD stones.

Quantity: 2 pieces of identical bangles

Colour: AD stones on Rosegold polished bangles

Maintenance tips

1. Always keep them away from water, cosmetics & perfume.

2. Store in a plastic container or ziplock bag.

3. Avoid keeping plain bangles and bangles with stones together.

4. Thread bangles: Avoid them getting pulled by stones from outfits.

5. Stone bangles: Avoid putting pressure on the stones, it poses a higher tendency to fall out. Hold the bangles firmly, and push them in / out when wearing and removing respectively.


Please allow slight differences due to handmade products and manual measurements. Do note that there may be a little color variation for different display settings. Kindly check the description, size, and details before purchasing. We do not do any exchanges, returns, or refunds once the order had finalized. Thank you!